Bong AB
Bong AB has worked with Lars Beckman as an advisor in the finance area since 2007. The work has been to assist Bong by continuously manage the entire treasury field within clearly defined roles as Treasury chief, front-, mid- and back-office until 2011. In the process of change has Lars and Bong AB jointly built Bong’s activity, particularly by designing and documenting processes and procedures. The partnership has since 2011 evolved towards counseling that focuses on strategic issues in foreign exchange and interest rate risk management.
Lars has also been project manager in conjunction with bank changes and involved in the implementation of banking services to the subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Ulf Zenk
CFO, Bong AB

Å&R Carton AB
A&R Carton has had Lars as a counselor within cash management and financial risk management. Scope of work that Lars has implemented has been to establish proposals to simplify and streamline the work and the development of new guidelines for financial activities.

Niclas Nyström
CFO, Å&R Carton AB

Rottneros AB
Rottneros has hired Lars on the work with strategic and ongoing advice in the financial field. The work consisted of ongoing advice and to be a draftsman within the Finance Council, where the financial risks and how they are managed is discussed, which meets monthly. Lars has also participated in the development of new financial policy for Rottneros.

Tomas Hedström
CFO, Rottneros AB